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Commodore 64
TypeHome computer
Release dateAugust 1982 (1982-08)[1][2]
Introductory priceUS$ 595 (1982)
DiscontinuedApril 1994
Units sold12.5[3] – 17[4] million
Operating systemCommodore KERNAL/
Commodore BASIC 2.0
GEOS (optionally)
CPUMOS Technology 6510
@ 1.023 MHz (NTSC version)
@ 0.985 MHz (PAL version)
Memory64 kB RAM + 20 kB ROM
GraphicsVIC-II (320 × 200, 16 colors, sprites, raster interrupt)
SoundSID 6581 (Osc, wave, filter, ADSR, ring)
ConnectivityCIA 6526 joystick, Power, ROM cartridge, RF, A/V, IEEE-488 floppy-printer, digital tape, GPIO/RS-232
PredecessorCommodore VIC-20
SuccessorCommodore 128

The Commodore 64 was a bestselling, 8-bit home computer from the 1980s. It was created by Commodore International, and it entered the market in 1982. Around 17 million units are believed to have been sold.[5] The Commodore 64 is often credited with making personal computers popular amongst the masses. This quality sparked comparisons with the Ford Model T.[6][7] The Commodore 64 was offered at relatively low prices,[8] and was available in malls, department stores, and toy stores instead of solely in the shops of authorized dealers.[5][9]

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