Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist)

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CPN (Unified-Socialist)
नेकपा (एकीकृत-समाजवादी)
CoordinatorMadhav Kumar Nepal
Founded18 August 2021; 2 years ago (2021-08-18)
Split fromCPN-UML
People's Multiparty Democracy

The CPN (Unified-Socialist) (Nepali: नेकपा (एकीकृत-समाजवादी)) is a political party in Nepal. The party was officially announced and registered at Election Commission, Nepal on 18 August 2021.[1][2] Madhav Kumar Nepal is the coordinator of the new party.[3] As of August 2021, the this party was junior ally in Deuba government.[4][5]

Formation[change | change source]

The President of Nepal issued second amendment on political parties related act on 18 August 2021.[6][7] This opened the way to formalize the splits inside the dispute between two factions of Janata Samajbadi Party, Nepal and CPN(UML) respectively. The CPN(UML) faction led by Madhav Kumar Nepal, which had a long dispute with CPN(UML) chairman KP Sharma Oli, registered their party by the name 'CPN-UML (Socialist)' with the Election Commission.[8][8] At the time of the launch of the CPN-UML (Socialist), the party claimed to have 31 members in the two national houses of parliament.[9]

A Central Committee with 95 members was announced as well.[9][10] Madhav Kumar Nepal would act as the coordinator of the party.[11]

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