Conker's Bad Fur Day

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Conker's Bad Fur Day
Developer(s) Rare
Publisher(s) Rare
Director(s) Chris Seavor[*]
Series Conker series
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Genre(s) Platformer, Action
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Conker's Bad Fur Day is a platform game for the Nintendo 64 that was developed and published by Rare and distributed by Nintendo in 2001. It is the sequel to the Game Boy Color game, Conker's Pocket Tales. This game was in development for four years and was originally going to be entitled Conker's Quest, and then Twelve Tails: Conker 64. This game was going to be rated E until Rare changed it to an mature game, due to thinking they would be mocked as people call it a cutesy game. After the change, Conker was not a cutesy character anymore, drinks too much beer, and becomes a greedy squirrel.

This game later received a remake for the Xbox in 2005 known as Conker: Live & Reloaded.

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