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Copenhagen Zoo
Main entrance
Date opened 1859
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Land area 11 hectares (27 acres)
Coordinates 55°40′22″N 12°31′17″E / 55.67278°N 12.52139°E / 55.67278; 12.52139Coordinates: 55°40′22″N 12°31′17″E / 55.67278°N 12.52139°E / 55.67278; 12.52139
No. of animals 3000+[1]
No. of species 264[1]
Annual visitors 1,161,388 (2008)
Memberships EAZA,[2] WAZA[3]

The Copenhagen Zoo is a zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built by Niels Kjærbølling in 1859. It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. 1,161,388 people visited the zoo in 2008. It is the most visited zoo in the world, and the fourth most visited place in Denmark.[4] Its Elephant House was built by Norman Foster.

The zoo's observation tower is 43.5 metres (142.7 ft) high. It was built in 1905. It is one of the tallest wooden observation towers in the world. It has a look similar to the Eiffel Tower.[5]

It is the only zoo outside of Australia to have the Tasmanian devil.[6] It also has the Amur leopard, okapi and muskox.

A healthy young male giraffe, Marius, was killed on 9 February 2014 on the recommendation of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria so that they can save the population of them at the zoo.[7]

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