Cornway College

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Cornway College
No. 1 Haydon, Mount Hampden

Coordinates17°44′32″S 30°56′10″E / 17.74222°S 30.93611°E / -17.74222; 30.93611Coordinates: 17°44′32″S 30°56′10″E / 17.74222°S 30.93611°E / -17.74222; 30.93611
TypePrivate, day and boarding school
MottoLet There Be Light
Opened23 January 2006 (2006-01-23)
FounderLovemore Kurotwi
GenderBoys and Girls
Colour(s)Navy blue, Aqua, White, Yellow

Cornway College (or simply Cornway) is a private, day and boarding school for boys and girls in Mount Hampden, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe, Africa. It is 16.5 kilometres (10.3 mi) from the Harare central business district. Cornway College was opened on January 23, 2006. It has a preparatory school (Cornway Junior College) and a high school (Cornway Senior College). The language used to communicate within the school is English.

Cornway College was ranked as one of the top 10 high schools in Zimbabwe in 2014.[1]

Academics[change | change source]

Junior College[change | change source]

Students at the Junior College are taught the primary schools curriculum developed by Cambridge International Examinations or CIE (an exam board in the United Kingdom) and ZIMSEC (an exam board in Zimbabwe). The children learn the following subjects:

  • Agriculture
  • Computer Literacy
  • English
  • General Paper
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Shona

In Grade Seven, children write tests for the Cambridge Primary certificate by CIE (for English, Mathematics and Science subjects) and Grade Seven exams by ZIMSEC (for English, General Paper, Mathematics and Shona subjects).

Senior College[change | change source]

Students in Form One and Form Two (Year 8 and Year 9) are taught several subjects according to the Zimbabwe Junior Certificate curriculum.[2]

In Form Three and Form Four (Year 10 and Year 11), students are taught according to the curriculum of CIE and ZIMSEC. In Form Four, the students then write tests for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (given by CIE) and the GCE Ordinary Level certificate (given by ZIMSEC).[2]

In the Sixth Form (that is, Lower Six and Upper Six, or Year 12 and Year 13), students learn a minimum of three subjects according to the Advanced Level curriculum of CIE and ZIMSEC. In Lower Six, students can choose to write tests for the Cambridge International AS Level certificate (half the content of Advanced Level is tested, the certificate is given by CIE) then write tests again in Upper Six for the full Cambridge International A Level certificate. Another option is to write the Cambridge International A Level and or the ZIMSEC GCE Advanced Level tests in Upper Six.[2]

Sports[change | change source]

Junior College[change | change source]

Sports at the Junior College include:[3]

Senior College[change | change source]

Sports at the Senior College include:[3]

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