D. Cheetham

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D. Cheetham
Personal information
ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom
CountryUnited Kingdom
ClubBertand's School of Arms
Coached byFelix Bertrand

D. Cheetham was a British foil fencer from London. She was a fencer in the early 20th-century, in the era women's fencing was becoming an established sport. She was a fencer at the Bertand's School of Arms of Felix Bertrand.

Career[change | change source]

Cheetham participated in both international competitions against the Dutch during the 1911 England–Holland women's fencing competitions.[1][2]

Cheetham also competed in 1913 at the international 1913 Alfred Hutton Memorial Challenge Cup without losing one match in the elimination round and only one match during the semi-finals. During the finals she lost two matches and won the third place prize.[3] She had showed she had made "considerable" progress, and due to this progress she soon became the best fencer of the Bertand's School of Arms.[3]

Fencing style[change | change source]

Cheetham has been described as a small but very fast fencer.[2] In other reports her fencing style is described as lively and tight.[3]

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