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Dale Jonathan Winton (born 22 May 1955) is an English television personality and DJ. He began his DJ career in 1982 by DJing on weekends. This lead him to United Biscuits Industrial Radio where he did many kinds of jobs before getting his own morning show. After that, he joined Radio Trent in Nottingham. Since then, he has been on a variety of different radio stations. He is currently is DJ on Radio 2.

His television career began in 1987, working for Channel Four, the Lifestyle Channel. his best known television programme however was Dale's Supermarket Sweep It was broadcast from 1993 to 2007 on ITV with a new series in 2010 on Sky. He also acted in Pets Win Prizes, The Great British Song Contest, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Touch The Truck, Dale's Wedding, Celebrity Fit Club, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, In It To Win It, Show Me What You've Got and Hole In The Wall among other TV programmes.

He has had 1 hit single to date, his hit was as Dale Winton featuring Bar-codes & Alison Brown. It reached number 72 in 1994 [1]

Winton is openly gay.[2]

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