Dana Scully

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Dana Scully
First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearanceI Want to Believe
Portrayed byGillian Anderson
OccupationFBI Special agent
FamilyWilliam (father)
Margaret (mother)
Bill Jr. (brother)
Melissa (sister)
Charles (brother)
Emily Sim (daughter)
William Jr. (son)

Dana Scully is a character on the science fiction show The X-Files. She works as a special agent in the FBI. In the show, she works in the X-Files with her partner, Fox Mulder. Scully and Mulder work together to find answers to cases that they have to solve. She is in every episode of the show except for five of them.

She was first told to join the X-Files because she was scientific and logical. People thought that her partner, Mulder, was crazy because he thought aliens and the paranormal were the answers to their cases. However, after a while with Mulder she started to think like him. She also begins a relationship with him.

Scully later has a child, named William Scully Jr. However, we do not know how she could have a child. Earlier in the series, it is said that she cannot have babies.