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Daryl Easton (August 13, 1955 – February 24, 2017) known professionally as Daryl and born Daryl Martinez, was an American magician. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He would call himself "The Magician's Magician."[1] Daryl usually went by his forename only. He specialized in card tricks, close-up and parlor magic.

Two of his most famous contributions to magic were the "Hot Shot Cut", a knuckle-busting sleight where the spectator's chosen card spins like a boomerang out of the deck, and the "Ultimate Ambition" trick which allows a card to be inserted fairly into the middle of a deck and yet appear back on top.[2]

Daryl accidentally hanged himself in the closet of his hotel room in Hollywood, California on February 24, 2017. He was 61.[3]

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