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The Davidson Institute for Talented Development, also known as just the Davidson Institute, is a non-profit organization hosted nationwide. It supports profoundly gifted children.[1][2][3][4]

Programs[change | change source]

Davidson Young Scholars[change | change source]

The DYS is a program helping the gifted people between 5 and 17.[2][1]

Davidson Academy of Nevada[change | change source]

The organization itself has an academy in Nevada.

Genius Denied[change | change source]

Genius Denied is a book written by the Davidson company. It explains how smart children often see the world.[2]

Davidson Fellows[change | change source]

Children under 18 can also create pieces of work and earn money off of them.[1] These are Davidson Fellows and make good contributions to society.[1]

Davidson Database[change | change source]

The organization owns a database which gives many tools for gifted children.[4] It has a website which contains a forum, a blog and a calendar of events.[4]

Background[change | change source]

The Davidson Academy was founded by Bob and Jan Davidson. In 1997 when they sold the company Davidson & Associates their focus went to philanthropy in gifted children.[3]

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