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Defense in depth (computing)

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A graphical representation of the onion model of Defense in Depth, a concept in Information Security.

Defense in Depth (also known as layered security and layered defense) is an information assurance (IA) concept.[1] It uses multiple layers of security controls (defenses) placed throughout an information technology (IT) system.[1] The multiple layers are not of the same security tool. It uses several different kinds of security with each protecting against a different security attack.[1]

Background[change | change source]

Defense in depth is originally a military strategy. It seeks to delay rather than prevent the advance of an attacker by yielding space to buy time.[2] The National Security Agency (NSA) changed the concept to be a comprehensive approach to information and electronic security.[3]

The placement of protection mechanisms, procedures and policies is intended to increase the dependability of an IT system. Multiple layers of defense can prevent espionage.[4] They also prevent direct attacks against critical systems.[4] In terms of computer network defense, defense in depth measures should not only prevent security breaches but also buy an organization time to detect and respond to an attack.

Onion model[change | change source]

Defense in depth has long been explained by using the onion as an example of the various layers of security.[5] The outer layer contains the firewall.[5] Middle layers contain various controls. The data is in the center protected by the other defenses.[5]

A newer concept is the kill chain. Borrowed from the military it is a method of detecting and breaking an opponent's kill chain.[6] Lockheed Martin adapted this concept to information security, using it as a method for modeling intrusions on a computer network.[7]

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Using more than one of the following layers constitutes defense in depth.

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