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Dhulbahante garaadship

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Diiriye Guure, Dhulbahante Sultan and Darawiish Sultan
Dhulbahante garaadship ceremony.

The Dhulbahante garaadship is a kingdom from 1530. The first Garaad was Garaad Shirshoore.

Diiriye Guure was the first Dhulbahante king to become king through being elected by the people. Diiriye Guure was also the first Dhulbahante monarch to be called sultan. By proclaiming himself Dhulbahante Sultan, Diiriye Guure reunited the Dhulbahante schism created by Ali Harran, also spelled Ali Xaram of the Maxamud Garad subclan, and Garaad Ali III around 7 decades earlier. Diiriye Guure was the first Dhulbahante king whose position was subordinate to someone else, namely the Sayid. Aar Dheel and Diiriye Guure are the only two people who gained the Dhulbahante throne despite not being in the line of succession.

# Garaad Reign Notes
1 Shirshoore 1530-1550 Established the Dhulbahante garaadship
2 Garaad Farah 1550-1590
3 Garaad Abdalla II 1590-1600
4 Garaad Yasin 1600-1620
5 Baharsame 1620-1650 Real name was Garad Mohamed I
6 Jabane 1650-1685 Real name was Garad Mohamud
7 Garaad Ali I 1685-1708
8 Garaad Mohamud II 1708-1734
9 Garaad Mohamed II 1734-1760
10 Garaad Mohamud III 1760-1780
11 Garaad Ali II 1780-1802
12 Garaad Mohamed III 1802-1825
13 Garaad Ali III 1825-1840
14 Korebas 1840-1863 Also called the warrior garaad. His real name was Garaad Mohamud IV
15 Garad Ali IV 1863-1896 First Dhulbahante king to be deposed when replaced by Diiriye Guure
16 Diiriye Guure 1897-1918 Diiriye Guure was the first non-inherited Dhulbahante king
17 Aar Dheel 1921-1923 The 2nd Dhulbahante king after Diiriye Guure to not be in the line of succession
18 Garaad Jama I 1923-1966
19 Garad Ali V 1966-1985
20 Garaad Abdiqani 1985-2006
21 Jama Garad Ali 2006-present Current garaad


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