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Dindigul is a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the administrative headquarters of the Dindigul district.Dindigul has a number of historical monuments, the Rock Fort being the most prominent.Industries in Dindigul include lock making, leather, textile spinning, administrative services, agricultural trading, banking, agricultural machinery and educational services. Dindigul is upgraded to a municipal corporation.

The city covers an area of 14.01 km2 (5.41 sq mi) and had a population of 207,327 in 2011. Dindigul is well-connected by road and rail with the rest of Tamil Nadu.[1] It is the 12th-largest urban settlement in the state and has a population of 292,512 according to Tamil Nadu's 2011 census. Dindigul has 200,000 hectares of cultivable land, and agriculture continues to be the main occupation of its inhabitants. Located between the Palani and Sirumalai Hills, Dindigul has a reserved forest area of 85 hectares..[2]

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