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Map of Dobruja

Dobruja is an area between Bulgaria and Romania. It can be found between the Danube and the Black Sea.

The Romanian part of Dobruja, Dobrogea, is made up of the counties of Constanţa and Tulcea. The Bulgarian part of Dobruja, Dobrudzha, is made up of the regions of Dobrich Province and Silistra Province.

This historical region however, sees today, little but significant nationalistic conflict, for who, out of the coastal Balkan countries should control the western coastal lying areas of the Black Sea.[needs to be explained]

The areas of interest are seen to varying amounts of tourism amongst the Black Sea and its huge saline content, which brings in a leveled amount of income in the tourism sectors of the Dobruja region, i.e. Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

In Dobruja live a Muslim minority since Ottoman Empire times, this are Turkish people, Albanians, Crimean Tatars and Turkish Gypsy.[1] Many of them left Romania and settled in Turkey.

They was also once settlemants of the Dobruja-Germans from 1840 until 1940, when they went back to Germany[2]

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