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Doctor is an academic degree, awarded by a university or similar institution. To obtain the degree, people need to pass a special exam, called doctorate. People who pass the exam may call themselves "Doctor" (abbreviated "Dr."). The last regular exam of some studies is called "doctorate". This is often the case with medicine, or with law. With other branches, the doctorate is a separate part of studies done afrer the regular degree.

Doctor is used to refer to a person with a doctorate,

  • Medical doctor, a person who practices medicine
    • Surgeon, a doctor who performs surgery
  • A person who has a doctorate. A doctorate is a special degree earned by passing a special exam. People who pass it, may use the title "doctor".Medical doctors examine, diagnose and treat patients.They can specialize in a number of medical areas, such as pediatrics, anesthesiology or cardiology, or they can work as general practice physicians.Becoming a medical doctor requires earning a doctoral degree in medicine and participating in clinical rotations.It's also common for medical school graduates to enroll in a residency program to study a specialty.Medical doctors need state licensure, and certification may also be required for some specialists.Doctors may work long and unpredictable hours dedicated by the needs of their patients.Additionally, doctors may need to travel amongst various locations, such as offices, hospitals and clinics, in order to provide patient care. Doctors who practice in healthcare organizations or groups have less work independence but may contain more time off as a result of patient coverage
  • Sometimes universities award doctorates to people who have done a lot in their fields of study: These are called honorary doctorates. The awarded person usually does not have to pass an exam, but a gremium of people of the respective university decide that the person should be given the tittle. Very often, these are abbreviated "Doctor h.c." (for "honoris causa").

In addition, doctors are fictional characters in movies. Amongt these are: