Domènec Fita i Molat

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Domènec Fita i Molat (Catalan pronunciation: [duˈmɛnək ˈfitə j muˈlat]; 10 August 1927 – 9 November 2020) was a Spanish artist. He was known for his works the Recumbent Christ (1958), the Cathedral of Girona, and Saint Benedict (1961) the abbey of Montserrat. Many of his works are seen at Sagrada Família in Barcelona and at the monastery of Montserrat. He was born in Girona, Spain.

In 2006 received the Cross of St. George of the Generalitat of Catalonia. In 2011 he received the medal of honor from the University of Girona.

He died on November 9, 2020 in Barcelona, aged 93.[1]

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