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Image of a woman and a bay horse trotting
Marlies van Baalen and Kigali doing an extended trot
Highest governing bodyInternational Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI)
Team membersIndividual and team at international levels
Mixed sexYes
EquipmentHorse and horse tack
VenueArena, indoor or outdoor
Country or regionWorldwide

Dressage (from French: training) is a form of horse training and riding.[1] The horse and the rider must complete a sequence of activities and moves in a very good way.[2] Dressage riders use a special English-style saddle.

Dressage is an Olympic sport (for individuals since 1912[3] and for groups since 1928)[1] and a Paralympic sport since 1996.[4][5]

Arena[change | change source]

Dressage is made on an rectangular arena. There are two sizes of arenas: small and standard. The small arena is 20 by 40 m (66 by 131 ft) and is used for low-level horse competitions. The standard arena is 20 by 60 m (66 by 197 ft) and is used for high-level competitions. Letters are placed around to show where the horse and the rider must make a move.[2]

Competition[change | change source]

Usually, the judges decide the moves the rider and the horse must make. Judges give a mark up to 10. The horse and the rider with the highest final percentage win.[2]

However, there are other types of competitions as well. When the rider decides what moves to make, it is called a freestyle and it is set to music.[2][6] When two horses and two riders compete together at the same time in the same team, it is called Pas de Deux.[7] When there are four horses and four riders, it is a Quadrille.[8]

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