Drusus Julius Caesar

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Drusus Julius Caesar
Portrait of Drusus (Musée Saint-Raymond)
Born14 BC
Rome, Italy
Died14 September AD 23 (aged 36)
Tiberius Julius Caesar Nero Gemellus
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Germanicus II Gemellus
MotherVipsania Agrippina

Drusus Julius Caesar (14 BC[1] – 14 September AD 23), was the son of Emperor Tiberius, and heir to the Roman Empire after the death of his adoptive brother Germanicus in AD 19.

Drusus first began politics with the office of quaestor in AD 10 and was very popular among the Roman people.[2][3]

Drusus died suddenly 14 September 23, from natural causes.

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