Dworshak Dam

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Dworshak Dam originated for the lower Snake River drainage basin where the USACE(United States Army Corps of Engineers) researched it in 1953. They considered that this place in Idaho could be developed for reservoir storage and hydroelectric power generation. And the government choice for the final site for Dworshak Dam was at a point on the North Fork of the Clearwater 1.9 miles (3.1 km).

It was built beginning in the year 1966. It was finished in 1972. The energy it gives totals 400 megawatts. Dworshak Dam is the 22nd tallest in the world.[source?] It is the 3rd tallest in the United States.[source?]

Specifications[change | change source]

Dworshak Dam is a concrete dam. Standing 717 feet (219 m) high from the horizon, 632 feet (193 m) above the riverbed and measurement 3,287 feet (1,002 m) long along its crest. The top of the dam is 44 feet (13 m) wide at an elevation of 1,613 feet (492 m) above sea level. The main body of the structure can accommodate about 6,500,000 cubic yards (5,000,000 m3) water.

Tourism and economy[change | change source]

Some people consider that one of the major benefits for building the Dworshak Dam was that it would provide recreation and improve the local economy. Each year between 110,000 and 140,000 people travel to Dworshak Dam; they mostly choose to visit during the summer high water months. Leisure activities include boating, water-skiing, camping, fishing, hiking and hunting.

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