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Available inSpanish
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LaunchedAugust 2009 (Test phase)
14 December 2010; 12 years ago (2010-12-14)(Official launch)[1]
Current statusActive

EcuRed is a Cuban online encyclopedia. Some people have called it the "Cuban Wikipedia". It was launched in 2010. As of now, it has over 200,000 articles.[2]

About[change | change source]

EcuRed is short for Enciclopedia Cubana en la Red (Spanish for "Cuban encyclopedia on the Web"). The website is in Spanish.

EcuRed says that its goal "is the accumulation and development of knowledge with a non-profit, pro-democracy aim from a decolonizing point of view".[3]

Articles on EcuRed are written from a Cuban point of view. For example, EcuRed's article about the United States said it had historically taken "territory and natural resources from other nations by force, to put at the service of its businesses and monopolies",[4] and the George W. Bush article says that he continues a family tradition of corruption, deceit and intrigue.[5]

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