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Developer(s)Damien Sandras
Stable release
3.0.2 / January 12, 2009 (2009-01-12)
PlatformLinux, beta support for Windows
TypeVoIP Video conferencing
LicenseGNU General Public License

Ekiga (formerly called GnomeMeeting) is a free and open source VoIP and video conferencing computer application for GNOME and Windows. Ekiga supports both the SIP and H.323 (based on OpenH323) protocols and is fully interoperable with any other SIP compliant application and with Microsoft NetMeeting. It supports many high-quality audio and video codecs.

Ekiga was initially made by Damien Sandras in order to graduate from the Université catholique de Louvain. It is currently developed by a community-based team led by Sandras. The logo was designed based on his concept by Andreas Kwiatkowski, an open source enthusiast and a friend of his.

Features[change | change source]

Integration[change | change source]

  • LDAP and ILS directories registration and browsing
  • Integration with Novell Evolution so that contacts are shared between both programs
  • ZeroConf (Apple Bonjour) support
  • External configuration with GConf, including ability for administrators to block certain settings
  • Device auto-detection, including:

User interface[change | change source]

  • Addressbook with speed dials
  • SIP URLs and H.323/callto
  • Dialpad
  • Advanced call history
  • Full-screen videoconferencing
  • In call Instant-Apply support for settings
  • Auto Answer and Do Not Disturb modes

Technical[change | change source]

  • Call forwarding on busy, no answer, always (SIP and H.323)
  • Call transfer (SIP and H.323)
  • Call Hold (SIP and H.323)
  • DTMFs support (SIP and H.323)
  • Basic Instant Messaging (SIP)
  • Text Chat (SIP and H.323)
  • Possibility to register to several registrars (SIP) and gatekeepers (H.323)
  • Possibility to use an outbound proxy (SIP) or a gateway (H.323)
  • Message Waiting Indications (SIP)
  • Audio AND Video (SIP and H.323)
  • STUN support (SIP and H.323)
  • LDAP support

Incoming new features[change | change source]

Roadmap Archived 2008-12-03 at the Wayback Machine

Notes[change | change source]