Electoral Palatinate

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Electorate of the Palatinate
Kurfürstentum Pfalz
Flag of Palatinate
Flag (1604 design)
Coat of arms (1356–1803) of Palatinate
Coat of arms
Located in central Germany
Territory of the Electoral Palatinate in 1618, prior to the Thirty Years' War
Common languagesGerman
Dominant confession among the population was Roman Catholic (1085–1556), Lutheran (1556–1563) and Calvinist (1563–1803).

Elector was Roman Catholic until the 1530s, then Lutheran until 1559, then Calvinist until 1575, then again Lutheran until 1583, then again Calvinist until 1685, and then again Roman Catholic since 1685.
GovernmentHereditary monarchy
• 1085–1095
Henry of Laach (first)
• 1799–1803
Maximilian Joseph (last)
Historical eraMiddle Ages/
• Demotion of the Count Palatine of Lotharingia
10 January 1356
15 May – 24 October 1648
30 December 1777
9 February 1801
• Annexed by Baden
27 April 1803
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Rhenish Franconia
Margraviate of the Nordgau
Arms of Pfalz-Neuburg (1609-1685).svg Palatinate-Sulzbach
Electorate of Baden
First French Empire
Kingdom of Bavaria
Today part of Germany

Electoral Palatinate (German: Kurpfalz, Bavarian: Kurpfoiz) was a palatinate in the Holy Roman Empire. It lasted from 1085–1803.

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