Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt

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Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt
c. 2150 BCc. 1991 BC
Funerary stele of Intef II, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Funerary stele of Intef II, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Common languagesEgyptian language
ancient Egyptian religion
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Historical eraBronze Age
• Established
c. 2150 BC
• Disestablished
c. 1991 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tenth Dynasty of Egypt
Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt

The Eleventh Dynasty in ancient Egypt, also called Dynasty XI, is a group of pharaohs who ruled during Middle kingdom, the earlier rulers were grouped with the four dynasties before them and called the First Intermediate Period. Later, the later rulers were considered part of a time called the Middle Kingdom. All of these pharaohs ruled from a place called Thebes, which is in Upper Egypt.[1]

Pharaohs of the Eleventh Dynasty[change | change source]

Pharaohs of Dynasty XI
Pharaoh Horus name Image Reign Burial Consort(s) Comments
Intef the Elder
Around 2150 BC Iry-pat, "the Count", probably the same person as "Intef, son of Iku".[2] Theban nomarch serving an unnamed king.
Mentuhotep I Tepya
2134 BC – ? Neferu I Tepy-a, "the ancestor"
Intef I Sehertawy
?–2118 BC El-Tarif, Thebes Son of Mentuhotep I
Intef II Wahankh
2118–2069 BC El-Tarif, Thebes Neferukayet? Brother of Intef I
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer
2069–2061 BC El-Tarif, Thebes Iah Son of Intef II
Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II Seankhibtawy;
2061–2010 BC Deir el-Bahari Tem
Neferu II
Son of Intef III and Iah. Reunifies Egypt starting the Middle Kingdom.
Sankhkare Mentuhotep III Sankhtawyef
2010–1998 BC Deir el-Bahari[3] Son of Mentuhotep II and Tem
Nebtawyre Mentuhotep IV Nebtawy
1998–1991 BC Son of Queen Imi

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Preceded by
Tenth Dynasty
Dynasty of Egypt
2134 − 1991 BC
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