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Pages in this category have errors in the usage of references tags. There are two main errors

  1. Referenece named with no text - A named reference is called but the reference that defines that name is missing. This can usually be fixed by copying the reference from the source ( likely the English Wikipedia) and adding it to the {{reflist}} rag. Just ensure what it is referencing is the same information on both. Copying over an updated copy of the En. Wikipedia infobox for the article often clears this issue as well as updates the date here.
  2. 'Reference is defined multiple times with different information. There are several causes for this
    a. Reference fixing bots are often the issue here. They only correct the first usage of a named reference. if that reference is defined more than one time, the other definitions will not be the same. To correct this, locate the update definition (often the one with an archive URL) and then make certain the others refer back to it. (<ref name="whatever"/>)
    b. ThereReference could be a typo in the definition. The fix is the same but uses the version without the typo as the defining reference
    c. Multiple refs could have the same name. This is harder to clear as each version needs to be changed to a unique name. Hopefully, there are not multiple referrals back to them that have to investigate which new name goes with each referral.

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