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Chery Automobile Co. Ltd.
Company typeState-owned corporation
Founded8 January 1997; 27 years ago (1997-01-08)
HeadquartersWuhu, Anhui, China
Area served
Key people
Yin Tongyue (chairman)
Production output
Increase 1,881,316 vehicles (2023)[1]
Number of employees
ParentChery Holding Group
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese奇瑞汽车股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese奇瑞汽車股份有限公司
Simplified Chinese奇瑞
www.chery.cn (in Chinese)

Chery Automobile Co. Ltd.,[3] trading as Chery (Chinese: 奇瑞; pinyin: Qíruì),[4] is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in China. Founded in 1997, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. The company's main campus, Chery Industrial Park, covers an area of 13.5 square kilometers and houses various facilities including a research and development center, manufacturing plants, and vehicle testing tracks. Chery offers a wide range of products, including passenger cars, electric vehicles, and commercial vehicles. With a focus on innovation and technological advancements, Chery has developed several successful models such as the Chery Tiggo compact SUV, Chery Arrizo 5 compact sedan, and Chery eQ electric car. The company also produces engines and auto parts, showcasing its comprehensive capabilities in the automotive industry. On a global scale, Chery has established a strong presence in over 80 countries and regions. The company has successfully set up production bases and sales networks in various countries, including Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, and Russia. Chery has also ventured into notable joint ventures and partnerships, such as Chery Jaguar Land Rover in China and Qoros Auto Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Israel Corporation. In terms of market position, Chery has become one of China's largest automobile exporters, exporting vehicles to numerous countries across the globe. The company has consistently achieved strong sales, with its global sales exceeding 700,000 vehicles in multiple years. Chery faces fierce competition from both domestic and international automotive manufacturers but has retained a competitive edge through its focus on innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness. In recent years, Chery has made significant advancements in electric vehicle technology and has expanded its electric vehicle lineup. The company has also strengthened its presence in the Chinese market by launching new models that cater to changing consumer preferences and demands. As of the latest available information, Chery continues to thrive in the global market, actively expanding its business and exploring new opportunities. The company's commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to market trends will likely contribute to its continued growth and success.

Early years

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Chery SQR7160 Fengyun
Chery chairman, Yin Tongyue in 2024

Chery was founded in 8 January 1997 as a state-owned enterprise by a group of officials from Wuhu city in Anhui province. The city officials appointed Yin Tongyue, the current Chery chairman as the company's technical director in 1996. Yin is from Anhui, and at that time was a manager in FAW, holding a position as a workshop director for the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture. The car project was formally incorporated on 18 March 1997 as Anhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd., with substantial funding from the Anhui provincial government, amounting to millions of yuan. The plan was to set up an engine production line and creating a components industry, before initiating car manufacturing operations.[5]

Chery began automobile production in 1999 using a SEAT Toledo chassis licensed from Spanish manufacturer SEAT.[6][7] Called the Fengyun, Chery's first car sold nearly 30,000 units.[6] By 2002, Chery's production and sales exceeded 50,000 units, ranking among the "top eight" in the domestic passenger car industry.[8] However, the company was only awarded a national passenger car production license in 2003,[9] so while its first product rolled off the line in December 1999, it could not be legally sold outside the Anhui province for several years.[6] During that period, Chery solved the problem by piggybacking on a SAIC Motor license until 2003. In this period, SAIC held a 20 percent share in Chery.[9] Ownership was soon sold due to rising tensions between Chery and another SAIC partner General Motors, and political pressure from the SAIC management towards Anhui authorities.[5][10]

Expansion period

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In May 2003, Chery launched its smallest car, the QQ, which became popular due to its design and affordability. Despite its successful sales, it also received quality and durability complaints from owners.[11] In June 2003, American manufacturer General Motors (GM) filed a widely publicised lawsuit against Chery, alleging that the design of the QQ copied the first-generation Daewoo Matiz, a vehicle developed by GM Daewoo. In late 2005, the lawsuit was settled out of court.[12] GM was not the only manufacturer to have been exasperated with Chery; Volkswagen planned to filed a lawsuit against Chery regarding the secret side deals it engaged with VW parts suppliers to produce the Chery Fengyun that resembled the Volkswagen Jetta.[13] Volkswagen agreed to abstain from a planned lawsuit after Chery offered financial settlement out of court.[14] These entrepreneurial risk-taking led The Wall Street Journal in 2007 to describe Chery's corporate culture as "an odd hybrid of Communist state enterprise and entrepreneurial start-up".[6]

In December 2004, Chery entered an importation agreement with American company Visionary Vehicles, laying the groundwork to introduce five Chery models to US and Canada.[15][16] Visionary Vehicles was owned by Malcolm Bricklin, widely known as the entrepreneur who brought Yugo cars to the US. Both companies hoped to sell 150,000 vehicles in the US by 2007. Investments were made to ensure compliance with safety regulations, and a dealership network was established across North America. Allegations of breach of contract by Chery and the legal disputes that followed in 2006 disrupted the collaboration between both companies, and Visionary Vehicles ended up winning a lawsuit it brought against Chery in 2013 to recoup losses from the failed deal.[17][18]

Chery started improving its engineering capabilities,[11] and launching other new products such as the Tiggo SUV and other models.[8] In 2003, Chery started buying 1.4-litre Tritec petrol engines produced in Brazil and jointly developed by BMW and Chrysler.[11] In 2005, the company uses a Mitsubishi Motors engine for the Tiggo, which was widely used in the Chinese car industry at that time.[11] Chery started producing its own engine branded as ACTECO since 2006.[19] It is the result of a technical cooperation dating from 2003 with AVL, an Austrian engineering company.[20] Starting 2008, Chery supplied ACTECO engines to Fiat, which used the 1.6- and 1.8-liter engines for the Fiat Linea.[21][22]

Chery A3

The A3, introduced in August 2007, became a turning point of the brand. The sedan was styled by Pininfarina, and became the first Chinese-developed car to receive a 5-star rating in the China NCAP safety test.[23]

In 2009, Chery produced 508,500 units,[24] and at this time, it had an annual production capacity around 650,000 units.[25] More than 400,000 of its 2009 sales were sedans.[26] In that year, Yin Tongyue announced changes to the company's strategy to become a multi-brand carmaker by introducing three new brands: Karry, Rely, and Riich. Chery also renamed all its cars to Cowin followed by a number, except for the E5, QQ, and Tiggo. It also introduced the Fengyun 2 to replace the SEAT-based sedan. These changes are aimed to eliminate the low-budget image of Chery cars.[27] Later its sprawling production policy and lineup became a problem for Chery. With over 100 new models in the works, Chery decided in the fall of 2012 to cancel the Rely and Riich brands. Since then, Chery has entered an adjustment period of "returning to one Chery", and reduced its planned models to around 30.[28]

Chery became the seventh-most productive Chinese vehicle manufacturer in 2010 by selling nearly 700,000 units.[29] Slipping sales marked 2011 and 2012; in these years, the company produced more than 640,000 and near 590,000 units, respectively, and it moved from a seventh to a tenth-place ranking.[30] This decrease may be due to Chery's manufacturing mix being significantly different from those of other, major Chinese carmakers; the company does make commercial vehicles, but SUVs comprise only 14% of its product line. The company in 2011 exported around 25% of its total production.[31] In 2011, Chery built its first fully-owned manufacturing plant outside of China, located in Jacareí, Brazil. It went operational in 2014.[32]

Since the late 2000s period, Chery also began to actively seek a partnership with foreign carmakers. Several possible tie-ups with both Chrysler and Fiat were explored, but fell through.[33][34] In mid-2011, the company signed an agreement with Fuji Heavy Industries (currently Subaru Corporation) to establish a manufacturing joint venture in China, with a production site planned in Dalian, Liaoning. The planned joint venture failed to receive an approval from the Chinese government despite multiple attempts.[35][36] Chery started partnering with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in March 2012, which was looking to produce cars in China through a mandatory 50-50 joint venturer with a local company.[37] The joint venture was formalised as Chery Jaguar Land Rover in November 2012.[38] Its first product, a Range Rover Evoque rolled off the production line in October 2014 from the newly built plant in Changshu, Jiangsu.[39] Chery also began manufacturing a revived version of the Moke under an agreement with JLR since 2013. Its design evokes the classic Mini Moke built from 1964 until 1993.[40]

Chery was also involved with the establishment of Qoros, a joint venture formed in 2007 with Kenon Holdings based in Singapore and owned by Israeli investors, and started selling the Qoros 3 sedan in 2013. Qoros was sold off in 2018, and faced bankruptcy in 2022.[41]

In 2014, Chery revived its multi-brand strategy by establishing Cowin as a separate brand, which is positioned as a low-budget offering. The brand was partially sold in 2018.[27] Another brand that was established by Chery is Exeed, which is positioned in the premium segment. The brand was introduced in September 2017 at the International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt by showcasing the TX concept vehicle.[42] The first production model from Exeed was the Exeed TX/TXL mid-size SUV in March 2019.[43] In January 2018, Chery introduced another brand called Jetour at an event in Beijing, which focuses on "value for money" mid-size SUVs and targets Chinese families living in tier-three and tier-four cities that travels often.[44]

Chery eQ1, the best-selling EV from Chery since its inception

Chery started early in producing electric vehicles (EVs) by introducing its first EV in 2009, which is an electrified version of the original Chery QQ. The company established an EV division called Chery New Energy in 2010.[45] Following this, Chery released the Chery eQ in 2014, an EV variant of the second-generation QQ, and later launched the eQ1 in 2016.[46] The eQ1 went on sale in 2017, and became one of the most popular electric car in China until 2020, when rivals such as the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV became available.[47] In June 2021, Chery produced its 200,000th eQ1.[48]

Rapid growth period

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In 2021, Chery announced the "Double 50" strategic plan that aimed to export 500,000 vehicles and achieve an export revenue of US$5 billion by 2025.[49] The company ended up surpassing the plan by a large margin by exporting 937,148 vehicles in 2023.[50]

Chery attempted to enter the US for the second time in February 2020,[51] when the company struck a deal with a California-based dealership group HAAH Automotive to sell Exeed and Chery Tiggo models in the country by 2022. The vehicles were planned be rebranded as Vantas and T-GO respectively, and would be assembled at an American plant using both domestic and imported parts.[52] The plans were cancelled in mid-2021 as HAAH filed for bankruptcy.[53]

The company started entering or reentering markets in this period. Chery resumed operations in South Africa in late 2021 after years of absence.[54] In 2022, Chery entered the Mexican market as Chirey due to trademark reasons, as Malcolm Bricklin held the rights for the Chery name in North America.[55] Other markets entered in 2022 included Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey.[56][57][58] Chery re-entered the Australian market in 2023, after briefly selling cars there in the early 2010s.[59] Its Exeed brand started sales in the Middle East in 2022.[60][61]

In 2023, Chery launched four new brands and several new product lines. In April, it launched a new brand called iCar which mainly sells electric SUVs that targets young customers, and the Sterra electric product line (Exlantix for export markets) under its Exeed brand. The company also started a partnership Huawei under the Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance (HIMA), where Chery supplied HIMA with electric vehicles under the new Luxeed brand. Luxeed's first product is the Luxeed S7, which is the first car to have the Harmony OS 4 on board.[62][63]

Omoda and Jaecoo global brand launch in Wuhu, Anhui

In April 2023, Chery also launched another two new brands in a ceremony held in Wuhu, Anhui called Omoda and Jaecoo. Both brands are only marketed outside China to support Chery's export strategy. The two brands combined (referred to as "O&J" brands) were targeted to reach annual global sales of 1,400,000 units by 2030 (not including China).[64][65] Also in 2023, Chery also announced its new high-performance plug-in hybrid platform marketed as "Chery Dual Mode" (C-DM) to be introduced into most of its models. The plug-in hybrid system became available in Chery vehicles carrying the Fulwin sub-brand, Jetour vehicles under the Shanhai sub-brand, and Exeed vehicles.[66][67][68]

In January 2024, Chery has signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with Nio to establish cooperation in battery standards, battery swapping technology, the construction of battery swapping service networks, and operation.[69]

In March 2024, Chery fully acquired Soueast, a carmaker based in Fujian that was a subsidiary of Fujian Motors Group.[70] The production facility of Soueast is used for producing Jetour brand vehicles.[71]

Products and brands

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Chery Fulwin

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Logo of Chery Fulwin

Chery Fulwin (Chinese: 奇瑞风云; pinyin: Qíruì Fēngyún) is a product line of Chery established in November 2023 to market plug-in hybrid vehicles. Most Fulwin vehicles are based on Chery petrol vehicles with an additional plug-in hybrid system marketed as Kunpeng Super Performance Electric Hybrid C-DM. Chery Fulwin vehicles are distributed through separate dealership network.[72]

Chery Fulwin products will be divided into three series: A, T and M, representing sedan, SUV and MPV categories respectively. Extended-range electric and battery electric vehicles are also planned.[73] Its first model, the Fulwin A8 sedan was available to pre-sale in December 2023.[74]

The Fulwin/Fengyun name was a model name used by Chery several times in the past, starting from the Fengyun sedan in 1999.[75][76]


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Chery New Energy

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Chery New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.
Company typeSubsidiary
FoundedApril 2010; 14 years ago (2010-04)
Area served
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese奇瑞新能源汽车技术有限公司
Hanyu PinyinQíruì Xīn Néngyuán Qìchē Jìshù Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī

Chery New Energy (Chinese: 奇瑞新能源; pinyin: Qíruì Xīn Néngyuán) is a subsidiary of Chery established in April 2010 to produce and market electric vehicles.[45]


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Exeed ((Chinese: 星途; pinyin: Xīngtú) is Chery's premium brand for passenger vehicles, introduced in September 2017.

Jetour (Chinese: 捷途; pinyin: Jiétú; literally: "victory road") is Chery's SUV brand launched in 2018. The brand mainly produces mid-size crossovers and SUVs, targeting Chinese families living in tier-three and tier-four cities that travels often.

iCar is Chery's EV brand targeting at young customers, launched in April 2023.[78] According to Chery, the brand targets younger people aged 25–35 who are pursuing new careers.[79] iCar started sales of its first vehicle, the iCar 03 SUV in February 2024.[80]

Luxeed is Chery's premium EV brand in cooperation with Huawei. The first car, a premium electric executive sedan unveiled in November 9, 2023, and would be the first car to have the Harmony OS 4 system on board.[81]

Karry Auto

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Karry Auto is a Chinese market only brand founded by Chery in 2009. It specialises in the production of light commercial vehicles and people carriers for passenger transport. Some of the products created for Karry are marketed overseas under different marques by Chery.

Overseas brands

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Chery has two brands that are only used in overseas markets, which are Omoda and Jaecoo. The two brands were introduced in April 2023 in an international dealerships and journalists convention in Wuhu, Anhui, although Omoda has been selling vehicles in Russia since 2022.[82] For these export brands, Chery established a separate company in China called Anhui Omoda Jaecoo Automobile Co., Ltd. as its sales company.[83]

Former products

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Chery model
Model Production Picture Note Code
Chery QQ 2003–2022 Mini car S11(gen.1)


Chery QQ6/Cowin 1 2006–2010 Mini car S21
Chery A1 2007–2015 Mini car S12
Chery QQme 2009–2011
Mini car S16
Chery A11/Fulwin 1999–2006 Subcompact sedan A11
Chery A13/Fulwin 2 2008–2019 Subcompact sedan/hatchback A13
Chery A15/Cowin 2 2003–2010 Subcompact sedan A15
Chery A19/E3/Cowin E3 2013–2015 Subcompact sedan A19
Chery A3/J3 2008–2015 Compact sedan/hachtback M11(sedan)


Chery A5/Cowin 5 2006–2010 Compact sedan A21
Chery E5 2011–2016 Compact sedan A21FL-C
Chery Eastar5/Riich V5 2006–2015
Compact station wagon B14
Chery Eastar

Chery Easter II/E8

Chery Cowin 5

Midsize sedan B11(gen.1)


Chery Arrizo 3 2015–2020 Subcompact sedan A16
Chery Arrizo 7 2013–2018 Compact sedan M16
Chery Arrizo M7 2015-2018 Compact MPV
Chery Tiggo 5 2013–2021 Compact SUV T21
Karry model
Model Production Picture Note Code
Karry Youyi

Chery A18

Compact MPV A18
Karry Youpai/Yousheng

Chery Q21/Q21D

2009-2012 Compact MPV Q21
Karry Youyou

Chery Q22/Q22B

2011–2012 Compact MPV Q22
Karry Youya

Chery S22

Riich R2

2006–2013 Compact MPV S22

Riich brand was discontinued in 2012.[28]

Riich model
Model Production Picture Note Code
Riich M1

Riich M5

Riich X1

2009–2014 Mini car S18
Riich G3 2011–2014 Compact sedan A19
Riich G5 2009–2013 Midsize sedan A6
Riich G6 2010–2015
Full-size sedan B12

Rely was Chery's brand focused on premium commercial vehicles. It was discontinued in 2012.[28]


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Joint ventures

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Chery operates car-making joint ventures with Jaguar Land Rover and Israel Corporation,[88] and automotive component-manufacturing joint ventures with Arvin Meritor, Johnson Controls, and PPG Industries.[89]

Chery Jaguar Land Rover

[change | change source]

In March 2012, Chery and the UK-based luxury automaker Jaguar Land Rover agreed to invest an initial US$2.78 billion in a new China-based joint venture that will sell and manufacture Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and engines, as well as establish a research and development facility and create a new "own-brand" automobile marque.[90] The joint venture received regulatory approval in September 2012.[91] An initial production base will be built in Changshu, a county-level city close to Shanghai.[92][better source needed]

In 2013 Chery began manufacturing a redesigned MOKE revival. The design evokes the classic Mini Moke built from 1964 until 1993.[40]

Qoros 3

Its first car-making joint venture with a foreign firm, Qoros was established by Chery in cooperation with Israel Corporation in 2007, and planned to begin sales in 2013.[93] Set to unveil a sedan atop a brand-new platform[93] at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show,[94] Qoros' debut models will not be electric vehicles (as some sources may have reported).[93] A proposed production base for the venture will be built in Changshu, Jiangsu province, and become operational in 2012.[95] Production capacity will be 150,000 units a year,[96] but the location may not run at full capacity until 2015 or 2016.[97] While Qoros professes its desire to sell to young city dwellers[98] in China and Europe,[93] The company does have plans to include electric vehicles in its lineup.[93]

Higher-end Qoros cars are built with components and systems from foreign suppliers such as American Visteon and French Valeo.[99] Its engine design also required assistance from a foreign firm,[97] and Qoros has attracted western talent including former employees of Volkswagen and Mini.[96] It has sites in Austria and Germany as of 2012.[98]

Although initially known as Chery Quantum Auto Co Ltd, its legal name is now Qoros Auto Co Ltd.[93] The eponymous brand name sounds like the English word "chorus".[93]


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