Ellis Park Stadium

Coordinates: 26°11′51″S 28°3′39″E / 26.19750°S 28.06083°E / -26.19750; 28.06083
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Ellis Park Stadium
Coca-Cola Park
LocationJohannesburg, South Africa
Coordinates26°11′51″S 28°3′39″E / 26.19750°S 28.06083°E / -26.19750; 28.06083

Ellis Park is a sports stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is also known as Coca-Cola Park.

History[change | change source]

Ellis Park was first built in 1928 as a Rugby union stadium. It was demolished and rebuilt in 1982, still as a rugby staduim. It was named after JD Ellis, a Johannesburg city councilor. JD Ellis allowed the use of the land for a stadium. He allowed 13 acres to build the stadium.

In the first stadium 100 000 visitors saw the Rugbymatch South Africa versus England (1955). The stadium was used for different events. 1995 it was part of the Rugby-Union-Worldchampionship 1995 and 2009 it hosted the CONFED-Cup and 2010 the FIFA World Cup.

Renovation[change | change source]

In 2009, the stadium was improved. More seats were added. Stadium access was made eaiser for disabled fans. A new pitch and media room was added. The sound system (loudspeaker)was improved.

FIFA World Cup[change | change source]

The stadium co-hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It is one of the 10 stadiums where World Cup matches were played.

2010 World Cup Matches

All times are given in South African Standard time (UTC+2).

Date Time Group Team #1 Team #2 Result
Saturday, 12 June 16:00 Group B Argentina Nigeria 1:0
Tuesday, 15 June 20:30 Group G Brazil Korea DPR 2:1
Friday, 18 June 16:00 Group C Slovenia United States 2:2
Monday, 21 June 20:30 Group H Spain Honduras 2:0
Thursday, 24 June 16:00 Group F Slovakia Italy 3:2
Monday, 28 June 20:30 Round of 16 Brazil Chile 3:0
Saturday, 3 July 20:30 Quarter-finals Paraguay Spain 0:1

The stadium today[change | change source]

The stadium is used by the soccerteams Gauteng Lions and Orlando Pirats. The stadium is also the homeground of two rugbyteams (Lions and Golden Lions).

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