Elron (rail transit)

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AS Eesti Liinirongid
Company typeGovernment-owned corporation
IndustryRail transport
Founded1998 (as Elektriraudtee)
October 2013 (as Elron)
ProductsRail transport

AS Eesti Liinirongid, operating as Elron, is a government-owned passenger train operator in Estonia.

Before 2014, the company ran the electrified commuter rail system in Harjumaa. It was known until October 2013 as Elektriraudtee, i.e. "the Electrical Railway". On 1 January 2014, Elron took over all domestic passenger train services in Estonia from Edelaraudtee.

History[change | change source]

The company was founded as Elektriraudtee in 1998. It started as a subsidiary of Eesti Raudtee. It was separated entirely within two years.[1]

In May 2013, the Estonian government declared that Elron would be the sole domestic passenger operator in Estonia. The Estonian operator Edelaraudtee was taken away from the passenger sector.[2] There was a legal dispute between Edelaraudtee and the Estonian government over compensation for lost revenue from the operator's forced withdrawal from passenger services.[3][4][5]

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