Emperor Gaozu of Han

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Emperor Gaozu of Han

Emperor Gaozu of Han (Chinese: 漢高祖, 256 BC or 247 BC – 195 BC) was the founder of Han Dynasty. He ruled China from 202 BC until 195 BC. His name was Liu Bang (Chinese: 劉邦) and Ji (Chinese: ) was his courtesy name. He was born in Feng County. After defeating his enemy Xiang Yu, Liu Bang ruled China and became the first emperor of Han Dynasty. Emperor Wen of Han, Liu Bang's son, was the second emperor of the Han Dynasty.

Life[change | change source]

One day, Liu Bang's mother slept near the river bank. Suddenly, thick clouds darkened the sky and it thundered. Liu Bang's father, Liu Taigong, felt it strange and he worried over his wife's safety. He went to find his wife immediately. When Liu Taigong arrived, he saw a dragon sleeping on her body. After this incident, Liu Tai Gong's wife had a baby and Liu Bang was born soon.