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Enhamed Enhamed

Enhamed Enhamed Mohamed Yahdih (born September 11, 1987 in Las Palmas, Canary Islands) is a swimmer from Spain. He has a disability: he is blind and is an B1/S11 type swimmer. He raced at the 2004 Summer Paralympics. He finished third in the 400 meter Freestyle and 100 meter Butterfly races. He raced at the 2008 Summer Paralympics. He finished number one in the 50 meter Freestyle, 100 meter Freestyle and 400 meter Freestyle races. He was the number one swimmer in the 100 meter Butterfly race. He raced at the 2012 Summer Paralympics. He was the number two person to finish in the 400 meter Freestyle race. He was the number three person to finish in the 50 meter Freestyle and the 100 meter Butterfly races.[1]

In 2010, he raced at the Tenerife International Open.[2] Before the 2010 Adapted Swimming World Championship in the Netherlands, he went to a swimming camp with the national team that was part of the Paralympic High Performance Program (HARP Program).[3]

He raced at the 2011 IPC European Swimming Championships in Berlin, Germany.[4][5]

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