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Ismail Enver

Ismail Enver (Ottoman Turkish: اسماعيل انور) (November 22, 1881 ; in Istanbul - August 4, 1922 ; Tajikistan,later USSR), he was known to European powers as Enver Pasha (Turkish: Enver Paşa) or Enver Bey (Ottoman Turkish: انور پاشا or انور بیگ). As an Ottoman military officer he was a member of the Committee of Union and Progress and a leader of the Young Turk Revolution. He was given the nickname "The Hero of Liberty" (Kahraman-i-Hurriyet). He was the main leader of the Ottoman Empire in both Balkan Wars and World War I. He also helped Lenin in the 1917 Russian Revolution . He was also responsible for the Armenian genocide from 1915-1917 . Having turned against the revolution he died in August 1922 in the Russian Civil War, he died of machine gun fire from an Armenian soldier in Tajikistan in a unknown location before the USSR was created on 30 December 1922 .

As the Ottoman Minister of War during World War I from 1914 to 1918 he was defeated in battle against Russia.

Marriage and issue[change | change source]

By his marriage toEmine Naciye Sultanv, a granddaughter of sultan Enver had:

  • HH Princess Dr. Mahpeyker Enver Hanımsultan (1917–2000), married and divorced, Dr. Fikret Ürgüp (1918–?), and had issue, one son:
    • Hasan Ürgüp, (b.1948 -d.1989)unmarried and without issue
  • HH Princess Turkan Enver Hanımsultan (1919–1989), married HE Huvayda Mayatepek, Turkish Ambassador to Denmark, and had issue, one son:
    • Osman Mayatepek (b. 1950), married Neshe Firtina and had one daughter
      • Mihrishah Türkan Mayatepek (b.1992)
  • HH Prince Sultanzade Captain Ali Enver Beyefendi (1921 – Australia, December 1971), married and had issue, one daughter:
    • Arzu Enver (b. 1955), married Aslan Sadıkoğlu and had Issue
      • Burak Sadıkoğlu

His widow remarried his brother Mehmed Kamil Killigil (1900–1962) in 1923, and had one daughter:

  • HH Princess Rana Killigil Hanımsultan (1926; Paris – 14 April 2008; Istanbul), married Osman Sadi Eldem and had three children:
    • Ceyda Eldem (b. 1952)
    • Necla Eldem (b. 1954 - d. 1964)
    • Edhem Eldem (b. 1960) married Zeynep Sedef Torunoğlu and had issue, one son:
      • Simin Eldem (b.1987)

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