Ephedra sinica

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Ephedra sinica
Ephedra sinica alexlomas.jpg
Ephedra sinica
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Gnetophyta
Class: Gnetopsida
Order: Ephedrales
Family: Ephedraceae
Genus: Ephedra
Species: E. sinica
Binomial name
Ephedra sinica
  • Ephedra flava F.P.Sm.
  • Ephedra ma-huang Tang S.Liu

Ephedra sinica, known in Chinese as ma huang (麻黄), is a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. The plant and an extract used to treat hay fever and congestion.[2][3] Ma huang is a simpathicomimetic agent similar to amphetamine, and is widely used for weight loss. The U.S. FDA banned its use as dietary supplements on April 2004.[4]

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