European Clarinet Association

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The European Clarinet Association is association that assembles clarinetists from various European countries.

History[change | change source]

At the 2009 ClarinetFest in Porto, Portugal, a group of European clarinetists decided to found the European Clarinet Association - ECA. The Board of Directors included clarinetists from different European regions, under the leadership of Matthias Müller from Zurich.

Aims[change | change source]

The aims of the European Clarinet Association are:

  • To enhance contact and communication among clarinetists and national clarinet societies.
  • To organize activities and events in collaboration with national clarinet societies.
  • To encourage and support European countries to found and maintain national societies by sharing experience and knowledge.
  • To support the International Clarinet Association (ICA) with the organization of ClarinetFests in Europe.
  • To disseminate and share information through Facebook.

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