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Coordinates: 57°57′N 19°09′E / 57.950°N 19.150°E / 57.950; 19.150
Gotland Fårö-Raukar Langhammars.jpg
Rauks on Fårö
Country Sweden
County Gotland
Municipality Gotland
Location Baltic Sea
 - coordinates 57°57′N 19°09′E / 57.950°N 19.150°E / 57.950; 19.150
Area 113.30 km² (44 sq mi) [1]
Fårö, north of Gotland
Fårö, north of Gotland

Fårö is a Swedish minor island in the Baltic Sea. It is located north off Swedish Baltic Sea island of Gotland. The island is the second-largest island in the Swedish historical province of Gotland. The island has a population of fewer than 600 inhabitants. It has become a popular summer resort. From the island, a dialect of Modern Gutnish originates. It is, claimed to be the "oldest" language in Sweden.[2]

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