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Félix Ulloa is a Salvadoran politician. He became Vice President of El Salvador in 2019.

Ulloa was born in Chinameca on April 6, 1951. His parents were Mrs. Margarita Garay and Félix Ulloa Sr., known as the Martyr Rector of the University of El Salvador, Doctor Cum Laude in Law.

Ulloa obtained his law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, in 1979. He completed postgraduate studies in Public Policy and Public Administration at the Institute International Administration Publique in Paris, France, and at the “Hubert H. Humphrey” Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, United States.

He has a postgraduate degree in banking and finance from the Technological University of El Salvador.

In his youth, and as a law student, Ulloa actively participated in the university student movement. He was president of the Student Electoral Tribunal of the General Association of Salvadoran University Students (AGEUS), in 1973. He also participated in the trade union movement as a leader of the Union of Workers of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute, STISSS. A committed promoter of human rights, he was a defender of political prisoners during the armed conflict in his capacity as a lawyer for the National Union of Salvadoran Workers (UNTS). During this period, together with other young lawyers and law students, he founded the Institute of Legal Studies of El Salvador (IEJES), of which he has been president on several occasions. From the IEJES he promoted the defence of the rule of law, democratic freedoms and social justice, which generated an alternative option to the exercise of traditional law in El Salvador, which was silent in the face of the atrocities committed by the military dictatorship in those years. Likewise, with his publications and international conferences, he filled a void in the legal, political and academic debate.

Ulloa has 3 children and is married.

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