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A fandub is when fans create their own version of a movie or TV show by recording new voices for the characters. They may alter the dialogue or storyline to differentiate it from the original. Fans make fandubs to provide voiceovers for shows or movies that lack them or when they dislike the official voiceover. Some fandubs create humorous versions known as "Abridged Series" and "fundubs." Fandubs are similar to fansubs, but instead of adding subtitles, fans add their own voices. However, this can lead to copyright issues as they are using someone else's content. To avoid this, some fandubs use tools that only add new voices without changing the original video. Fandubbing also refers to singing songs in a different language, such as anime songs, and sharing them online. English voice actors like Amanda Lee and Cristina Vee have participated in fandubbing on platforms like YouTube.