Feather Linux

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Feather Linux
Feather Linux Screenshot.png
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateDormant
Source modelOpen source
Latest release0.7.5 / 2005-07-04
LicenseFree software licenses
(mainly GPL)
Official websitefeatherlinux.berlios.de

Feather Linux, created by Robert Sullivan, is a Knoppix-based Linux distribution which fits in under 128 MB (while older versions were made to fit within 64 MB). It boots from either a CD or a USB Flash Drive, into a Fluxbox desktop environment. It has a wide range of desktop and rescue software, and can load entirely into RAM or be installed to a hard drive. Feather Linux contains many GTK+ applications, such as AbiWord and Pidgin. Feather linux has tried to include software that people would frequently be using on their desktop.[1]

With its most recent release being on 2005-07-04, Feather Linux is now not under development. This distribution is partly inspired by Damn Small Linux.

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