Federal Convention (Germany)

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The Bundesversammlung, or Federal Convention, is a special federal body in Germany.

It is made up of all of the members of the Bundestag, plus an equal number of delegates elected by the parliaments of the Länder. Those delegates don't have to be memebers of the Länder parliaments; sometimes celebrities are chosen.

The convention usually has for about 1200 members. The only task of the Bundesversammlung is to elect the Federal President.

Meeting[change | change source]

The Bundesversammlung is called to meet by the President of the Bundestag, and the President of the Bundestag acts as Chairman of the Bundesversammlung.

The Bundesversammlung meets at least thirty days before the end of the Federal President's term of office ends, in order to elect the next president. If the Federal President dies or is impeached, the Bundesversammlung meets within 30 days.

Electing the President[change | change source]

The Bundesversammlung does not hold debates or question any of the candidates for president. It chooses the next Federal President by an absolute majority vote. If no-one has an absolute majority on the first and second ballot, then they hold a third ballot, and the winner is the person who has the highest number of votes.