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Flag of Jalisco

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Flag of Jalisco
  • 7 May, 2008

The Flag of the State of Jalisco has the blue and yellow background with the state arm of coat. This flag was designed by Luis Havas in 2001.[1]

Design and symbolism[change | change source]

The meaning of the colors of the state flag are as follows:

  • Gold (yellow): do good to the poor.
  • Azur (blue): serve the rulers and promote agriculture.

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History[change | change source]

Manuel Rodríguez proposed a flag of Jalisco in 2001.

After the independence of Mexico, Prisciliano Sánchez, governor of the Mexican state from 1825 to 1826, proposed a transitional flag for the state of Jalisco, which consists of three horizontal stripes.

In 2001, Luis Havas, an Argentinian soldier expatriated to Jalisco, announced plans to create a flag for the Mexican state of Jalisco. He proposed the old flag of Manuel Rodríguez, consisting of two blue stripes and a stripe of gold with the State Emblem in the center; it resembled the flag of the New Galicia or Intendence of Guadalajara from Priciliano Sánchez.

A flag was adopted in February 2008, which was then replaced by the current one on May 7, 2011. The winning flag was the one designed by Luis Havas.

On June 16 2023, Jalisco state celebrates 200 years free and sovereign. The celebration included the raising of the State Flag and the singing of the State Anthem into the government of Enrique Alfaro.[2]

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