Ford Freestar

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Ford Freestar
Mercury Monterey, Freestar's sibling

The Ford Freestar was a minivan produced by Ford Motor Company from 2004 through 2007. Ford claimed it was "all-new", but it was just a modern version of the Ford Windstar minivan.[source?] The name changed because Ford wanted to start every car name with the letter "F". (Other cars named like this were the Ford Five Hundred and Ford Fusion.)

The Freestar had room for seven people inside. It was front-wheel drive like the Ford Windstar and its sibling the Mercury Monterey. The Freestar and Monterey minivan had nearly the same platform as the Windstar.

The Freestar and Monterey minivan didn't sell too well because people were buying SUV's instead. This caused them both to stop being produced. Ford made the Ford Flex in 2008 to replace the Freestar and Monterey minivan. The Flex had a new design which did not look like the Freestar or Monterey minivan any more.