Ford Granada

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First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation

Ford Granada was a car produced by Ford Motor Company from 1972 through 1985 (1994 in UK). The Third Generation Granada was only sold as a Granada in UK; it was essentially a badge-engineered version of the First Generation Ford Scorpio.

The first generation appeared in March 1972 with saloon and estate versions, some lower-end models were called the Consul.

The second generation launched in September 1977 with the same saloon and estate models and got a facelift in 1981.

The third generation arrived in May 1985 with a hatchback version only, it was sold as the Scorpio in Europe and the Granada in the UK, the Scorpio name was used as a trim level on higher-end versions in the UK. A saloon version was added in early 1990 and an estate in early 1992.

In late 1994, the Granada name was replaced by the Scorpio for all markets and was sold as a saloon or an estate, no hatchback was offered. However, the styling often divided opinion and didn’t sell too well and in 1998, the model was axed without a replacement.