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Frank Heller

Frank Heller was the pen name of a Swedish writer. His real name was Gunnar Serner. He lived from July 20, 1886 - October 14, 1947. He wrote a series of light novels. His books were about suspicious international business. Heller created the character Philip Collin in most popular books. Collin who was a detective and a thief. Collin also used the name Professor Pelotard.

Bibliography[change | change source]

  • The Emperor's Old Clothes, 1923 New York
  • The Marriage of Yussuf Khan, Crowell New York 1923, Hutchinson & Co London 1924
  • The Chinese Coats, London 1924
  • The Grand Duke's Finances
  • The Perilous Transactions of Mr. Collin, 1924
  • The London Adventures of Mr. Collin, 1923
  • Mr. Collin is Ruined, 1925
  • The Strange Adventures of Mr. Collin, Crowell New York 1926
  • The Thousand and Second Night, An Arabesque. Williams & Norgate, London, 1926
  • Lead Me into Temptation, Crowell New York 1927
  • Twilight of the Gladiators, 1944

F. W. Murnau made a film called The Grand Duke's Finances (German: Die Finanzen des Großherzogs) that was based on of Heller's novel with the same name.

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