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Fred Burton is STATFOR's vice president for intelligence.[1][2] STRATFOR is a global intelligence company. Burton is thought to be "one of the world's foremost experts on security, terrorists and terrorist organizations."[3][4] This basically means that he is thought to be one of the world's best intelligence workers.

He was a special agent with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service.

Washington asked Burton to help the investigation of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He used to be the deputy chief of the counter-terrorism part of the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Security Service. He also investigated the killing of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the al Qaeda New York City bombing plots before the September 11 attacks and the Libyan-backed terrorist attacks against diplomats in Sana'a and Khartoum. He helped in the arrest of Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Burton is the author of a memoir called Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent. It was published by Random House in 2008.[3] Another memoir is Chasing Shadows: A Special Agent's Lifelong Hunt to Bring a Cold War Assassin to Justice, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011.[4]

Burton was moved to the Texas Border Security Council on September 11, 2007 by Governor Rick Perry.[5]

In August 2009 he was hired as the Texas Department of Public Safety's Assistant Director for Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism but left after 2 months. This was because he wanted to work on his writing and speaking career.

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