French Sudan

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French Sudan (Fr.: Soudan) was a colony in French West Africa in actual Mali.

French Sudan
Soudan français
Colony of French West Africa
Flag of French Sudan
French Sudan map.png
Green: French Sudan
Lime: French West Africa
Gray: Other French possessions
Black: French Republic
La Marseillaise
• 1959
1,241,238 km2 (479,245 sq mi)
• 1959
Historical eraNew Imperialism
• Established
c. 1880
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wassoulou Empire
Toucouleur Empire
Kénédougou Kingdom
Mossi Kingdoms
French West Africa
Mali Federation
Today part ofMali
1 Kayes (1892–1899)

Existence[change | change source]

It existed at two separate times. The first time was from 1890 to 1899, and the second was from 1920 to 1960. In 1960 it became the independent nation of Mali.

Beginning[change | change source]

It was created as a French territory on September 9, 1880 and its name was "Upper Senegal".

Name[change | change source]

The name changed to the "French Sudan Territory" on August 18, 1890, and its capital was Kayes. On October 10, 1899, French Sudan was broken into pieces: 11 southern provinces became part of French Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire and Dahomey. However, two provinces were returned in 1900.

History[change | change source]

In 1902 the parts of the colony which were not organised into military districts became Senegambia and Niger, then the name changed to Upper Senegal and Niger in 1904. Finally, the old name of French Sudan returned in a reorganisation in 1920.

In 1933, Upper Volta stopped existing (It began again in 1947.) and French Sudan gained some of its provinces.

Independence[change | change source]

After the October 4, 1958 French vote about the constitution, the "République Soudanaise" joined the French Community, again with the name French Sudan, and it gained complete domestic control on 25 November, 1958.

On April 4, 1959, French Sudan was joined with Senegal to form the Mali Federation. This became fully independent but still inside the French Community on June 20, 1960. This union finished on August 20, 1960, when Senegal left. On 22 September, French Sudan changed its name to the Republic of Mali and left the French Community.