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Barrie GO Transit car
A GO Train engine car at Barrie.

GO Transit is a train and bus service for the province of Ontario in Canada. It goes to areas and places like Waterloo, Toronto, Peel and Durham. The company that owns GO Transit is Metrolinx, and they merged in 2009.[1]All the trains and buses go to a building in Toronto called Union Station.

Lines[change | change source]

Lakeshore East[change | change source]

Lakeshore East is the line that is right of the Union Station. Lakeshore East goes to the town Oshawa which is in Durham, and before the line is finished in Union, the station before is Danforth which is in the Toronto Region.

Lakeshore West[change | change source]

Lakeshore West is the line that is left of the Union Station. Lakeshore East goes to the town Aldershot which is in Burlington, which is a common express area where lots of other trains go to such as the train that goes across the entire country, VIA Rail. Via Rail goes to Union Station just like GO Trains except it goes to the different provinces and their cities. Before the line is finished in Union, the station before is called Exhibition which is in Toronto.

GO Train map
Map of GO Train stops.(Richmond Hill line currently stops at Bloomington and Kitchener at London)

Niagara Falls Excursion[change | change source]

In the summer time and during good weather, GO expands the Lakeshore West line to the Niagara Falls city which is its own region. It's called an excursion route and it starts in Union Station, except this train skips some stations because it is an express train. It goes to the city of Port Credit which is in Peel and right after Port Credit is Oakville. It goes to Burlington which is in Burlington and St. Catharines which is in Niagara before stopping in Niagara Falls.

Milton[change | change source]

The Milton line is almost entirely owned by CN (stated below) and very few stations are belonging to GO Transit. Before it finishes in Union Station, the station Kipling connects with the Toronto subway station Kipling.

Kitchener[change | change source]

Kitchener serves the region of Waterloo and Peel; exiting Peel at Bramalea, and exiting Waterloo at St Mary's, where from there it stops service at London (see Windsor-London Excursion) in Middlesex County.

Windsor-London Excursion[change | change source]

In 2021, GO Transit expanded the Kitchener Line for a pilot project to London with small stops at Stratford and St Mary's.

Richmond Hill[change | change source]

Richmond Hill serves the city by itself and terminates at Bloomington GO. Previously it terminated at Gormley GO.

Barrie[change | change source]

Barrie serves the York Region and Simcoe County and terminates at Allandale Waterfront. Previously it terminated at Bradford.

Stouffville[change | change source]

Stouffville serves the York Region similar to it's neighbour Barrie and terminates at Old Elm (formerly Lincolnville.) The Stouffville line connects with the subway line and the Lakeshore East line at Scarborough and Danforth GO.

Regional Express Rail project[change | change source]

The future schedule of each line based on the electrification it gets.

GO Transit is currently beginning a project called RER, or Regional Express Rail. They will make part of the railway electric and add 24/7 service to some lines. GO Transit will not electrify parts of rail that Metrolinx doesn't own due to CN not granting permission yet, but in the future there may be electric service to parts CN owns.

Canadian National freight connection[change | change source]

CN alberta freight train
A CN freight train in Alberta

Canadian National is a freight rail company that operates on the same lines as GO Transit, VIA Rail, and it's competitor, CP Rail. Metrolinx only owns 80 percent of the rail it drives on and certain stations on the lines are used by CN.

Oakville Subdivision[change | change source]

The Oakville Subdivision exists on the Lakeshore West line from Oakville to West Harbour making stops in Aldershot, Burlington, Appleby, Bronte, and Oakville GO.

UP Express shuttle connection[change | change source]

The UP Express logo since 2015.

UP Express is an express train company that operates on its separate GO Transit line and connects with GO Transit's Kitchener line. The UP Express goes toward the Pearson airport and makes stops at Weston and Bloor GO.

References[change | change source]

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