Gammelstad Church Town

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Church Town of Gammelstad, Luleå
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Gammelstad Church Town
LocationGammelstaden, Luleå Municipality, Norrbotten County, Sweden
CriteriaCultural: (ii), (iv), (v)
Inscription1996 (20th Session)
Area16.402 ha (40.53 acres)
Buffer zone243.474 ha (601.64 acres)
Coordinates65°38′46″N 22°01′43″E / 65.64611°N 22.02861°E / 65.64611; 22.02861Coordinates: 65°38′46″N 22°01′43″E / 65.64611°N 22.02861°E / 65.64611; 22.02861
Gammelstad Church Town is located in Norrbotten
Gammelstad Church Town
Location of Gammelstad Church Town in Norrbotten
Gammelstad Church Town is located in Sweden
Gammelstad Church Town
Gammelstad Church Town (Sweden)

Gammelstad Church Town (Swedish: Gammelstads kyrkstad) is a World Heritage Site in Gammelstaden close to the city of Luleå, Sweden. The church village consists of 424 wooden houses around a stone church from the early 15th-century.[1]

Motivation for World Heritage Site[change | change source]

Gammelstad Church Town was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1996 with the motivation:

The Committee decided to inscribe the nominated property on the basis of cultural criteria (ii), (iv) and (v), considering that the site is of outstanding universal value as it is a remarkable example of the traditional church town of northern Scandanavia, and admirably illustrates the adaptation of conventional urban design to the special geographical and climatic conditions of a hostile natural environment.

— UNESCO, 1996[1]

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