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Gao Shun

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Gao Shun
Died7 February 199
OccupationMilitary General
Gao Shun
Traditional Chinese高順
Simplified Chinese高顺
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Gao.

Gao Shun (Chinese: 高順, ? – 199 AD) was a commander. He was known for his brave strength in battle. In the later period of the Han dynasty, Gao Shun served Lü Bu. He grew to be known as one of Lü Bu's best commanders. He was most well known for taking Xiaopei. He was also well known for his victory over an army led by Xiahou Dun. Xiahou Dun was an important general under Cao Cao. In the same year, however, Cao Cao himself came and attacked Lü Bu's base city, Xiapi. It was a victory for him. Gao Shun was executed with his lord, Lü Bu.

It is said that Gao Shun was very honest. He never drank wine. He did not accept any presents or bribes. According to the Records of Heroes (英雄記) by Wang Can, he led about 700 soldiers. However, It is said that his men are as brave as 10000.

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