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Glen Campbell

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Glen Campbell

Glen Travis Campbell (April 22, 1936 – August 8, 2017) was an American musician, singer and actor. He was born in Billstown, Arkansas. Almost all of his solo works have been in the country music genre. Before his solo career, he played guitar on rock and pop music records, including "Mary, Mary" by The Monkees. Campbell joined The Beach Boys for a short time, when Brian Wilson became ill.

Campbell guest-starred on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Later he hosted a series of his own, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.

Campbell's hits include "Galveston", "By The Time I Get to Phoenix", "Wichita Lineman", "Try a Little Kindness", "Gentle On My Mind", "Sunflower", and "Hey Little One". Many of his hits were written by Jimmy Webb. In 1975, Campbell had his biggest hit, "Rhinestone Cowboy". The song became a phenomenon, and rhinestone-covered clothing became a fad.

Campbell had more hits, including "Country Boy (You Got Your Feet in L. A.)" and "Can You Fool?". His career slowed down in the late 1970s. He seemed to suffer from public overexposure. His romance with Tanya Tucker, a much younger country singer, did not help the way many people saw Campbell. He stopped recording, and cut back on his public appearances.

Years later, Campbell returned to recording and appearing on television. In the 1990s, people were again interested in his music and career. Personal problems, though, seemed to get as much attention as his career, for example, when Campbell was arrested for drunk driving. His music is still popular with fans, and is part of popular culture.

Campbell discovered in late 2010 that he had Alzheimer's disease. He announced the diagnosis in June 2011. He released his final album that year. He completed his last concert tour in November 2012. He died of the disease on August 8, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 81.[1][2]

Discography[change | change source]

Studio albums
  • Big Bluegrass Special (1962)
  • Too Late To Worry Too Blue To Cry (1963)
  • Burning Bridges (1967)
  • Gentle On My Mind (album) (1967)
  • By The Time I Get To Phoenix (album) (1968)
  • Hey Little One (1978)
  • New Place In The Sun (1968)
  • Wichita Lineman (1968)
  • New Place In The Sun (1969)
  • Galveston (album) (1969)
  • Goodtime Album (1970)
  • Oh Happy Day (1970)
  • Try A Little Kindness Date (1970)
  • Greatest Hits (1971)
  • Glen Travis Campbell (1972)
  • I Knew Jesus (1973)
  • I Remember Hank Williams (1973)
  • Rhinestone Cowboy (1975)
  • Southern Nights (1977)
  • Old Home Town (1983)
  • Letter To Home (1984)
  • Light Years (1988)
  • Unconditional Love (1988)
  • Still Within The Sound Of My Voice (1988)
  • Walkin' In The Sun (1990)
  • Country Gold (1991)
  • All-Time Favorites (1991)
  • Favorite Hymns (1991)
  • Wings Of Victory (1992)
  • Christmas With Glen Campbell (1992)
  • Somebody Like That (1993)
  • Phoenix (1994)
  • Home For The Holidays (1998)
  • A Glen Campbell Christmas (1999)
  • Rhinestone Cowboy (1999)
  • Merry Christmas (2000)
  • Love Songs (2000)
  • Wichita Lineman (2001)
  • The Legacy (1961–2002) (2003)
  • Ghost On The Canvas (2011)
  • Adios (2017)
  • Sings For The King (2018)

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