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Type Broadcast television network
Country Canada
Availability National, northern U.S. (terrestrial), parts of U.S. and Bermuda (via digital cable)
Founded by Al Bruner & Peter Hill
Slogan Come home to Global
Owner Corus Entertainment
Key people Doug Murphy
(President and CEO of Corus Entertainment)
Troy Reeb
(Vice President of News)
Launch date January 6, 1974
(launch of CKGN-TV; now CIII-DT)
(as the CanWest Global System)
August 18, 1997
(national launch of Global brand)
Former names CanWest Global System (used in the 1990s on non-Global branded Canwest stations)
Sister channels Global News: BC 1
Food Network
DIY Network
Official website Global Television Network

Global Television Network (mainly called Global or Global TV) is a Canadian television channels. Along with CTV and CBC, it is one of the countries major networks. It is currently Canada's number-two television network.

The network started in a television station of the same name, in South Ontario. The national entity was known as CanWest Global System until getting the Ontario station's branding in 1997.

History[change | change source]

In Late 2009, Shaw took over Canwest's broadcast rights as of October 27, 2010. Global is a part of Shaw Media currently.[1]

Television listings[change | change source]

In television listings such as TV Guide, it is shown as GLO, GLB or GTV.

Global HD[change | change source]

In October 2004, a HD version started airing, at the time, you had to have digital cable.

Slogans[change | change source]

  • 1974: "Your New Point of View"
  • 1975-2006: "Global's got it!"
  • 2006–present: "on Global"

References[change | change source]