God Save Our Solomon Islands

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God Save Our Solomon Islands
Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands.svg
National anthem of Solomon Islands
LyricsPanapasa Balekana
Matila Balekana
MusicPanapasa Balekana

"God Save Our Solomon Islands" is the national anthem of the Solomon Islands. It has been the anthem since the country's independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. The lyrics (words) were written by Matila Balekana and her husband Panapasa Balekana, who also composed the music.[1]

Lyrics[change | change source]

God Save our Solomon Islands from shore to shore
Blessed all our people and all our lands
With your protecting hands
Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity
That men shall brothers be, make nations see
our Solomon Islands, our Solomon Islands
Our nation Solomon Islands
Stands forever more.[1][2]

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