Godey's Lady's Book

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Godey's Lady's Book
Editor Sarah Josepha Hale
Categories Women's magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 150,000 (in 1860)
Publisher Louis Antoine Godey
Founder Louis Antoine Godey
Year founded 1830
First issue July 1830 (as The Lady's Book)
Final issue August 1898
Country United States
Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Language English

Godey's Lady's Book was a 19th-century American monthly women's magazine. It began publication in 1830 as The Lady's Book. "Godey's" was added to the title about 1840. It was also known as Godey's Magazine. It was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Louis Antoine Godey.

In 1836, Godey bought the Boston-based American Ladies' Magazine, and merged it with his own magazine. Sarah Josepha Hale became the literary editor. Contents included recipes, etiquette, health advice, fiction, poetry, fashions, household tips, exercises, moral instruction, etc. The monthly fashion plates were hand-colored by 150 women. Unusual for the times, the magazine's contents were copyrighted.

Subscriptions dropped off during the American Civil War, though the magazine was careful not to mention politics, war, or other divisive or controversial topics. Public interest in the magazine declined after Godey and Hale retired. The magazine was absorbed by Puritan in 1898.

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